3 Reasons for pursuing AWS certifications & how I passed

I’m very proud to say that I’ve passed 2 AWS Associate exams and I am now a certified AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Developer. Click on the questions below if you need answers to them:

1. What is AWS?
2. What are the AWS certifications that are available?

But, why did I even attempt to go for the AWS certifications if I’m in the Salesforce world?

In my attempt to become a Salesforce Technical Architect, I felt my journey required knowledge of other platforms for 3 reasons:

  1. to allow me to create solutions for clients that could meet their requirements (if their requirements included other platforms). This will be very valuable in my professional life.
  2. The review board hypothetical scenario can include integrations into other systems and other platforms so it made sense to expand my knowledge.
  3. I generally didn’t want to put all my eggs in 1 basket and only have knowledge of the Salesforce platform.

I plan to get a few more certifications on the AWS platform in the near future but let me tell you the resources/materials I used to prepare for these 2 exams

  1. A Cloud Guru – this site has been created by Ryan Kroonenburg (and other members of the ACloudGuru team) and developed further off his Udemy courses to help prepare people to take the AWS exams.
  2. Cloud Academy – this covers the same content as number 1 but I also felt that getting the content delivered by other instructors helped me to learn the information better.
  3. AWS Whitepapers (with additional cert prep) – these are very thorough and it is important that you read through these carefully. There will be questions on the exam where the answers can be found in these whitepapers and that’s why both courses in 1 and 2 above recommend that you read these.
  4. AWS documentation – there’s a lot of detail in these but I would recommend that you pay particular attention to Service Limits + Provisioned Throughput for the Developer exam and VPC + Networking for the Solutions Architect exam.

I hope the above content helps you pass the exam (if you decide to go down this path) as it did for me.

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter

Next stop: Platform Developer I…

Destination: Architect!


How I Passed the Pardot Specialist exam!

As you understood from the title, I passed my Pardot Specialist exam!

It was the 3rd of the 5 Salesforce exams I passed on the same day, but I will be covering each one in a different blog post.

If you have used Pardot before, then great, you’re over half-way there! If you haven’t, don’t worry, you can still pass the exam. My tactic was to

  1. go through all the material that I could find on the Pardot Knowledge Base site, based on what was required for the Study Guide.
  2. Go through every video on the Pardot Specialist eLearning site

There is no official Salesforce Pardot course and the Premium Training videos are the same as those I provided the eLearning link for.

I hadn’t come across this whilst I was preparing for this exam, but since then, there are two guides that I would particularly recommend that can really help you get started:

  1. The Study Notes created by Ben Edwards
  2. This Succeed with Salesforce Blog post written by Mayank Srivastava

If you’ve already covered any learning material for the Pardot Consultant exam, don’t assume the same content will be covered. There is a lot of overlap, but think of it more like the Pardot Specialist being the Salesforce Admin of the Pardot platform, and the Pardot Consultant being close to the Sales/Service Cloud Consultant certifications.

I couldn’t believe my luck after passing both the Email Specialist and Social Specialist exams and I was able to use a lot of the Marketing principles and CAN-SPAM content the Email Specialist exam covered in the Social Specialist exam. Use the above content I provided and you too can pass the exam!

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter

Next stop: Pardot Consultant…

Destination: Architect!