Hamza Abib

Hi, I’m Hamza (that’s me up there)

I began my Cloud technology journey with Salesforce about 3 years ago, as an end user/part-time administrator. I didn’t think much of it at the time, as we barely scratched the surface with what we could do with it. Then in January 2015, I decided that I really needed to dive into the platform and get to know it better.

Fast forward, I am now a Salesforce Consultant working for a Salesforce partner consultancy. I am now working on CRM process design, implementation & adoption, focusing on needs analysis, functional design and delivery of end-user solutions. I am working on real business transformation projects and I love it!

My journey thus far has been great. I have learnt a lot, gained valuable experience from an #AwesomeAdmin perspective, and have become proficient at point+click development. Plus, I have 10 certifications to boot!

But the learning never stops, and I want to reach ‘Destination: Architect’. So, I decided to publish my journey as I go along in the hope that many others can follow the same trail I am, learn from my mistakes, and give me tips along the way (if you’ve already achieved Destination: Architect).

But to get to that stage, I need to learn the common techniques for designing solutions in Apex. I come from a non-coding background, so this will be the first programming language that I needed to learn. Towards Destination: Architect, I will attempt to become proficient at customising  applications programmatically on the Force.com platform by learning the core of the Apex programming language and Visualforce markup. From there, it’ll take a more focused approach to learning the different integrations that are possible from Salesforce into other applications, using Apex and Visualforce.

Oh and before I forget, I would love to pick up a few other Salesforce certifications on my way to Destination: Architect so I will definitely be writing about those too!

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I will, and hopefully we’ll all meet @ Destination: Architect!