How I Passed the Marketing Cloud Social Specialist Exam!

As you understood from the title, I passed my Marketing Cloud Social Specialist exam!

It was the 2nd of the 5 Salesforce exams I passed on the same day, but I will be covering each one in a different blog post.

This exam had less content to use in terms of preparation, but don’t let that fool you! The video content is about an hour long, but there is a lot more detailed information that you can find on the ExactTarget Documentation site.

I hadn’t come across this whilst I was preparing for this exam, but since then, there are two guides that I would particularly recommend that can really help you get started:

  1. The Study Notes created by Ben Edwards
  2. This Succeed with Salesforce Blog post written by Mayank Srivastava

In my opinion, experience using Social Studio is not really required for you to understand how Social Studio works and pass the exam. My tactic was to

  1. go through all the material that I could find on the ExactTarget Documentation site, based on what was required for the Study Guide.
  2. Make sure to cover Social Studio Mobile features/functionality
  3. Watch the Social Studio eLearning videos on YouTube
  4. Watch the Social Studio February ’15 Release Feature Review on YouTube. There’s lot of content covered in here that isn’t covered in the eLearning videos I mentioned in number 2. Some of this will come up in the exam, so I was happy I went through it.
  5. Make sure to watch the Social Studio November ’15 Release Webinar. Like the February ’15 Release Webinar, the content in this Release will come up in the exam.

Also, the official Salesforce Social Studio course or the Premium Training videos are another great way of learning the material and preparing for the exam.

Just like the Email Marketing exam in my previous post, this is not an exam on every piece of Salesforce Marketing Cloud functionality.This exam focuses solely on Social Studio. Don’t get distracted when you’re on the ExactTarget Documentation site and just stick to Social Studio Marketing functionality.

I was on a real high after passing the Email Specialist exam and I was able to use a lot of the Marketing principles and CAN-SPAM content the Email Specialist exam covered in the Social Specialist exam. Use the above content I provided and you too can pass the exam!

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter

Next stop: Pardot Specialist…

Destination: Architect!

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